2014's Penalty Cup

2014's Penalty Cup Game Description

We all know the end result of World Cup 2014 last year, where Germany bested Argentina in a penalty game that seals the fate of the World Cup Trophy to the hands of Germany’s best players. For those who wants to redo the history to turn in your own country’s favor, then you are in luck. You can finally relieve the heated experience of blood and sweat that is running in the veins of each and every players of the team who are participating in World Cup 2014 by playing the Penalty Cup 2014 right below.

In Penalty Cup 2014, you can relieve all the best penalty shots with your own country strikers and goalkeepers. There are over than 50 teams that you can choose to play in order to win the title of best soccer team in the whole world. You can also play as a soccer team from your own national team. By assuming the mantle of your national time, guide the strikers to create a goal and defend yourself from the opposing nation’s shots directed into your goal field. Or you can also play as a team whose considered as an underdog in World Cup 2014. Guide them to the victory and proves the world and the media that these underdog teams deserved to be remembered as the best soccer team players that the world has ever seen.

Sharpen your senses and reflexes along with your intuition, because you will need a lots of them in this heated match. In this game, you will be assuming the roles of both the goalkeeper and the strikers in turn. It is only up to your skill if the team you choose could block the next incoming strike or score a goal that can carry your team one step closer with the World Cup Trophy. Be sure to make every action you do counts, since this is finally the time where you can rewind the time and completely in control of every penalty goals and free kicks that is happening on World Cup 2014.

When you assume the role as the striker, gauge your directions along with the angle of your shots while determine the power of your shots to score a goal against your opposing team. Be sure to keep your aim true and your strength in check, since a little mishap can bring failure to strike a goal against your opposing team. Keep calm and let your instinct guide you to score a winning goal that can bring your team to the next round.

While you are assuming the role as a goalkeeper, keep in watch with the X mark that will show where the opposing team striker will shoot the ball. Keep your eyes ready, since the X mark won't be there forever when your opponent assume his position to strike. If he finally reaches the perfect position, it will be too late for you to protect your goal from the incoming strike.