Bicycle Kick Champ

Bicycle Kick Champ Game Description

Similar to Libertadore Cup, there are excellent graphics in this game. It requires that you pay lots of attention to it, as it moves fast, but it's a great game that responds well and keeps you occupied for a while.

You pick a player out of four options and are given the directions as you wait for the game to load. The job is to score on the goalie by performing a bicycle kick when the ball comes into range. When it starts, you'll see a soccer ball bounce onto the screen from the left, and when it gets over the player's head, you must kick it into the net by clicking the mouse at hte exact right time. It sounds easy enough, and the game responds perfectly so you kick the ball instead of the air, but the tricky part is getting it past the goalie and the various players that pop up to block the ball.

You must know some of the techniques about soccer to do this well, though you can also just be someone who is fantastic as video games and do just as well. It's a great option for those soccer lovers who want to practice all of the cool kicks and experiment with them. The game gives you a minute to try and get the goal and then gives you final score with how many points that you earned. As you can imagine, you don't get any points for missing the ball, but you do get some from aiming in the right direction, even if one of the other players blocks the goal.

This is a great game that can be really addictive, because you want to see if you can succeed in getting the ball into the net. The graphics are great and the soccer player that you're controlling responds beautifully when you click the mouse. Whether you are an avid soccer fan who can't get enough of the game, or someone who enjoys soccer but is more into gaming, this is a great option to try out. Competitive and fast moving, the job becomes learning how to move faster than the other players and see if you can succeed in scoring the goal. Maybe the secret is in how you move the mouse, or where you place the player on the field. That knowledge can only come with time and experience.