Libertadore Copa

Libertadore Copa Game Description

This is the ultimate soccer game for the fan who wants to learn the real life skills of a professional soccer player. Featuring realistic graphics, you must choose a player to compete with before you can start the game. For those who follow the professional players avidly, they'll rejoice at the known names and uniforms that are available to choose from. During the game, you are standing in front of a net with members of the opposite team blocking you on top of the goalie. An arrow swings back and forth and you must click the mouse to make it stop when you think it is aiming at the place that you want to take your shot from.

Then, a second arrow pops up indicating that you must choose the depth/angle of the curve you want to put on the soccer ball. Once you click when it gets to the place you choose, the last arrow pops up and you have to choose the elevation you want to put on the soccer ball. After you choose that and click, the player will shoot the ball with the specifications you've given it. It's a great game, there's no question, but it is difficult unless you know something about soccer.

More often than not (for the inexperienced soccer player), the ball, despite your best efforts, will hit one of the players or it will miss the net entirely. It takes a lot of patience and trial and error to get the shot just right, and since you only have five shots, it can be a long process of playing the same level over and over again. That being said, this makes Libertadore Copa the perfect game for the soccer fanatic out there, regardless of their experience. The realistic graphics combined with the real teams and players makes this a great choice alone. The fact that it is hard game unless you actually know what you're doing completes the deal.

The instructions in how to play the game are clearly stated as it loads, which means you don't have to hunt them down on youtube or Google. The fact that the game is challenging makes it all the better when proceed to the next level and is very satisfying. Libertadore Copa is a realistic and competitive game for all the soccer lovers out there.