Emirates Fifa World Cup Shoot-Out ‘06

Emirates Fifa World Cup Shoot-Out ‘06 Game Description

This is it, the shootout of Fifa World Cup is just right in front of you. This is where a man fights against another man in the glistening sun and showered with thousand of cheers from the loyal soccer fans. You can feel the intense atmosphere surrounds the whole stadium, as you braces yourself to kick the ball hard in order to pass the goal keeper and score a goal. In this heated shootout, the war between countries and nationality will be begin with the winds of war brought by this single powerful kicks!

Get ready for the adrenaline rush, since the shoot out is right here. As a player, you will don the Emirates soccer uniform that sponsor the Fifa World Cup match back in 2006 and will deliver a single shooutout that will signals the opening of the World Cup competition to the whole world. This is the time where the soccer fans and spectators in the tribune awaits in anticipation for an amazing goal performance that will be remembered by the history as the very first goal in the World Cup 2006.

What makes this game different from many soccer penalty games is the unique gameplay that it presents. The striker only has three chance to hit a goal, where they are not allowed to hit the ball blindly to the goal post. Instead, they have to follow the markers in the goal called hotspot, which will grants them extra points if you are capable to hit it with 100% accuracy. This hotspot is the definite goal marker that must be obeyed, or else you will score a little to no points that is added into your highscore accumulation. So keep your focus in check whether you seen these hotspot lying around, since these hotspot is the crucial hit points that you must strike in order to multiply your score tenfold.

Keep scoring a goal, since the hotspot multiplier will continue to rise up and you can collect more points by the time your concentrating with your game. You can expect that the goalkeeper will get wiser too along with more goals that you have created. So be sure to outsmart the goalkeeper in order to gain a better and higher highscore points.