Football at the Farm

Football at the Farm Game Description

Fun to play when you're looking for a way to enjoy a little down time before supper, Football at the Farm is a great game for game lovers of all ages. All you need to play is a mouse, there's no need for anything more complicated. To play the game, you put the mouse on the ball and then click and drag it out. A little dotted line will appear as you move it around, and the objective is to get the dotted lines to line up with the net you are aiming for.

It's a neat little game that requires no amount of reading page after page of instructions. When you start the game, the instructions pop right up, so you don't have to stop playing to figure it out. As you progress further into the game, there are objects in your way that make it seem almost impossible. For example, there is a gopher that will pop up in some levels and take the ball as you try to maneuver around it. In others, there is a pinwheel dog that grabs your ball as you try to get past the failing arms. This makes it a great game, then, for those who love the challenge of beating the computer.

At the end of each level you get pop up where all of the farm animals cheer for the little farmer boy who kicked the ball into the net, and an indicator of your score. The graphics of this game are perfect for young and older players alike. For soccer or other sports fans, this is a surprisingly realistic game that requires you to perfectly angle the ball with your mouse and get the speed just right. That being said, it can still be enjoyed by recreational gamers who are looking for something to do while they wait for the bus. Easily accessible and fun for players of all experience levels and and ages, Football at the Farm gives you cute animations, realistic physics that require you to focus, and enough competition to keep you motivated to play until you get to the end of the game. Kick the ball from level to level and you'll see how the came tests your soccer abilities.