Funny Zombie Soccer

Funny Zombie Soccer Game Description

As the night rises, so does the undead. Join up the hottest undead soccer of the century right behind on the local graveyards, where the players and spectators are less alive, but the heat of the game is still lively as their living counterpart. Rise up from your grave and get geared for an amazing soccer adventure that is spooky yet entertaining. Get your soccer knickers ready, since this will be a long night full of spooks and skull here and there in this fun yet daring zombie soccer game.

Journey to the spooky landscapes of graveyards and cemetery while prepare yourself to go toe to toe against your opposing team in this fast paced fun game. Bounce off the skulls right to the goals and continue to advance the series of the spooky cup through your fast reflexes, wits and brains – if you still have any left. You will get hundreds of tries to score your perfect goal, but be warned since the clock is ticking fast. Taking your time for far too long and you won’t get any score that you can brag on to your undead friends over the nearest tombstone in your cemetery complex.

Don’t even think that your journey to become the greatest undead soccer player is an easy road either. There are many obstacles beside your opposing team members that will impede your movements through the victory. From tombstones, spooky ghost, zombie hands, and even fire breathing dragons will be here to test your reflexes and skills in order to score a goal and pass the level. In a short term; all manners of undead worlds that resides this graveyard will test your mettle in achieving the highest score. So get yourself ready for the brawl in your afterlife, since things will start to get rough on the night shift of the graveyard.

You also will get a pointer on where your balls will bounce off when it hits an obstacle, so try to use it on your advantages. Gauge up the soccer pointers to bounce off to the right direction and unleash your splendid but deadly shoot over the goal post that is marked with several gold bones forming a goal post. Make sure you carefully handle your shooting power, since a single miss click can mean that your shooting hits too far or too short from entering the goal field.

But don’t worry. One thing that is certain is that your loyal fans will be always be there cheering for you to score a goal. They will always be eager to see you score a beautiful trick shot that is only the best undead soccer star is capable to pull it off. Although, for the sake of your safety, we recommend you to play good and score the goal immediately or they might even going to turn against you as well. You’ll be a dead meat if that happens. So get good and show these menacing hordes who is the boss around the spooky cup.