Gulliup: Keep it up!

Gulliup: Keep it up! Game Description

Do you remember that in every soccer event and venue, there is always a game or competition which requires the participant to held up the ball high in the air as long as possible? It is a common type of competitive game that requires skill and concentration to keep the ball stay as long as possible in the air. It is very easy to be practiced on, but hard enough to master. Only the best ball bouncer that is capable to win through the hearts of the spectators and sports fan in performing the longest ball bouncing session against all the competitors.

This is what this game aims you to be; the best ball bouncer in the whole world! In Gulliup: Keep it Up the idea of the game is pretty simple: The grass is lava! Or not. They are still a grass, but whatever you do, do not let the ball hit the ground! Keep the ball up in the air by bouncing it back and forth by swiping over your mouse. Whatever you do, you have to keep that soccer ball to stay afloat for as long as possible. With keeping it high in the air as long as you can, people might start to notice you for your amazing feat of preservation and endurance to bounce the ball without any rest.

Use your head, legs, or chest to bounce it again high in the air for as long as you can. If you can hold it back for certain time, people will stop by and start cheering you up. They even will ask their friends, families, and other passerby nearby to watch your performance in juggling the ball for a long period of time. Keep it for a longer time, and you will have the whole stadium and dedicated fans rooting up for your amazing achievements in keeping the soccer ball high in the air

Here in this game, there is a scoring system when you want to compete with your friends in a challenge. If you can hit the ball using the same body part for thrice in a row, you will get combos which grant an extra multiplier for your highscore. Keep it up and you will start racking up a huge amount of highscore points. This is the important strategy to maximize your highscore tenfold which can makes you an undisputed champion in ball juggling competition throughout the world.

But remember; don’t let your hand touch the ball, ever! This is soccer, not a handball. So the use of the hand will automatically kills your streak and disappoint your fans whose cheering on you. Not only it disqualifies you from attaining more scores, you are automatically declared as failed when you grab the ball with your hand. So keep using your two feets, head and chest to keep juggling the ball until you rack up the highest score against your friends or even opponent from all over the world whose also