Penalty Game Description

In the internet you can any games that you want; but if you like football or soccer you can play this game. When you play this game, you can get this mission that will different better than a regular soccer match, because of your opponents are unusually. Penalty soccer is one of type in direct to free to kick in association football game, which takes from twelve yards of out from the goal, on the penalty mark.

You can meet your race until the gate of obstacles to clowns, bowling, presents, and many others of strange objects which you cannot see in the soccer field. After each goal, usually your missions become a harder, and the obstacles are bigger and many, and it’s hard to sneak the ball while they play. If your score will increase if you hit some objects in your ways, you can unlock with some new items and customize your player. So, in the certain point you might think that you are on a sunflower, as a few plants as occur in your way. In this game player, you have been 24 levels. In every 4 years, the World Cup begins and today it will come the decisively in the penalty kick for a moment in the championship. Hope that you will be sure to see with the carefully before you kick the football game.

In this case, you can enjoy this game with an exciting player and when you play this game you cannot feel regret. If you like watch football or like to playing football you can join and try to play this game, and you can try to become a goal-keeper here and get an experience about that game. While you try this game, you can also watch how to play this game and read the instruction first before you play this game. Actually, when you play this game to get a higher score more penalty shoot-outs and after finished the game your rival will pass and they win to the next stage. If you are striker you can use the SPACE bar to set the direction, the power of your shoot and height. While you are the keeper, you can see a white cross on who is goal and that is the place as your rival shoot, but it’s not the exact of point. By moving the gloves in that point and you can click than you can move to become a goal-keeper.