Smart Goal Keeper

Smart Goal Keeper Game Description

When all other soccer games forces you to assume the role of a striker setting to make a goal, this game will put you in the shoes of the goalkeeper who aims to guard the goal behind him with every ounce of strength that they have left in him. This is the last defense line that you have to keep from any scoring kicks the opponent strikers throws at you. It is up to you to save the whole team and become the hero of your country, or be obliterated by the fury of the relentless kicks that will leaves you to bite the dust in shame and defeat.

Hands ready on the air, waiting for the strike to come. Keep your eyes peeled on the screen, because you will need to play smart in here in order to save your team from certain doom. It is in Smart Soccer games where both of your mind and reflexes joined together as a team to hold your ground to provide cover for your team from any incoming goals that is thrown at you. Get yourself ready, since you will need all strength you can muster to defend your goal from incoming attacks. Make sure to keep your arms and eyes ready, since the enemy's kick will be furious and relentless, leaving you all battered up against the rage of hailstorm of soccer balls ready to penetrate your goal field.

In this game, you should keep your attention towards the ball. Analyze it moving pattern and guess up where he will landed on your screen. Make sure to analyze it correctly, since a single mistake can damage your computer screen. Any goals your opponent score will continue to break your computer screen, so you should be careful and analytical upon assessing your enemy attack pattern in order to successfully defend your goal post. Hover over your mouse button to deflect or catch that ball before it enters your goal. Keep the opponent strikes in check, and your team might be able to survive the wrath of the opponent team and launches a counterattack to the enemies goal in retaliation which can turn the tides of the match in your favor.

Deny the passage of the ball will grant you a 100 points, while grabbing the ball right with your hand will double the score to even further. Keep on deflecting balls and try to catch them, and you will score up a high mount of points to brag on within your friends around. Swipe your mouse carefully in order to catch the ball perfectly, which will grants an even better high score that is undisputed to be the best in all over the world. But be careful, you only have 4 chance to miss a ball, or you will be technically out from the game forever. So keep standing tall, players!