Soccer Launch Funny

Soccer Launch Funny Game Description

Cute and easy to play, Football Launch is a great game that your kids will love. The game opens to show a black haired cartoon character lying on the grass with his eyes going cross-eyed. At this, you know that it's going to be a cute game that is all about having some fun with a soccer ball. And sure enough, that's what this fantastic game is all about. If you need to escape from the world for a few minutes, this is the best way to do it. There are different ways to bounce the ball so that you can get it to do different things.

First off, you see the cute little black haired soccer player waiting to kick the ball, and an arrow moving around the screen. You have to choose which way you want the ball to go (up into the air, or straight) and then you get to choose how much power you want by the arrow that changes in length. Make your choice and click the mouse. The ball goes flying and if you click on the soccer ball when it hits the ground, you'll see a banner comes up that says “Ole!” and the ball will bounce. You can bounce the ball three times per shot and collect coins and other goodies that are spread on the soccer field.

Watch out, though! There are hidden spikes in the grass that will puncture the ball and make you have to shoot again. The objective, as you may have guessed, is to get the ball as far as it can go. Along the way the coins you collect will add to the final amount of money that you win at the end of the shot. As the grand total you win adds up you can go to the store and purchase all sorts of add ons, like extra kick power and accelerators.

Though it can be hard to find unless you're familiar with the game, there is a trampoline somewhere in the grass and if you hit it, the ball will go flying through the air and give you all sorts of extra length. And length means money.

This is a great game that is easy to play without really focusing on it. It's also a great option for kids who want to gain all the extra add ons that you “purchase” by making good shots. There are all sorts of fantastic things about Football Launch for players of any age and experience.