Soccer Star

Soccer Star Game Description

This is it. The culmination of what your years of practice in passing and handling the ball has brought you to this moment. Thousands of loyal soccer fans hold their breath in anticipation of your kicks that will decides the winner of the World Cup and crowned as the Super Soccer Star. This is your only chance to walk proud as a champion of the green field, and what will impede you from this dream are only your resolve and the impregnable goalkeeper that stand tall guarding the goal from your penetrating shots.

Introducing the Super Soccer Stars flash game, which is the perfect penalty kick simulator that you could possibly able to play in our website. As a player, you will be putting yourself into the shoes of a potential soccer player that almost reaching up the peak of his career, where this one single shot can decide the future of our green field hero. This one single shot will seal his fate in getting up the permanent contract in playing with his favorite soccer team, or going home accompanied with boos and jeers from the disappointed soccer fans who is disappointed with his terrible performances in the final penalty match

Keep your toes hot, since you only have one chance for this shot! You will only have one chance in deciding the direction, gauging the angle, setting up the ball curves and powering up your shot in order to score the decisive goals for your team. Be sure to gauge up the meters and strength carefully, since this the only last chance where your future is at stake. A single slip could be proven fatal, so don’t miss. There are no way for you to go back into your previous set up meter in case you screwed up, so make sure to take aim carefully and make this one shot counts!

This is a man to man battle, where one single mistake could ruin your career and leaves all the loyal sports fan on the stadium comes home with a disappointed look on their face. This is the prime time of your life, so get yourself motivated to finish this! Keep your calm thoughts and rational mind ready, since this penalty kick simulator game will really push yourself to the limit in scoring up the best goal of all time in a realistic manner that you could ever imagine.