Soccer with 4x4's

Soccer with 4x4's Game Description

This is a fantastic game for the lover of any kind of game involving soccer or monster trucks of some sort. The goal is to play two on two soccer games where you and a computer controlled teammate must battle with the other two and get the ball into the correct net and score a goal. The hard part is that you don't have the same control over the player or the ball that a person would because you have four wheels and are in a truck. The fun part is, though, you get to ram into a bunch of the other players (and, yes, you can run into your teammate) and turn into some kind of football game.

You control the car by using the arrow keys. The up key is to go forward, and the back key is to back up, with the right and left keys being used to control the direction that you want to turn in. This is a very addictive game that lets you cause all sorts of mayhem and destruction without actually doing anything.

Something to be careful of is that it is easy to score on the wrong net. There is a little map in the bottom corner that shows where you are in relation to the other players, the ball, and the goals. You must steer the ball into the direction of the net that you are trying to score in, otherwise the ball will go into your net and score a point for the other team.

For this reason it's very fun and fascinating, but can get addictive, as mentioned, very quickly. It will eat up all your time and soon you'll find that all you can think about is how to get more power and how to steer better.

You can choose from a variety of teams so that you are playing for the right country, and the courts vary depending on the level you are at. This is a harmless game that can provide lots of amusement for children and adults alike. Whether it is something that you want to do for fun while you wait for work to start, or maybe it's a fun game that you look forward to playing after work, 4x4 Soccer is a great game with great graphics and ideas.