Stickman Footbal 2

Stickman Footbal 2 Game Description

Do you know trick shot? Because this is exactly what this game is all about. Your objective here is not to score a goal, but rather to perform an amazing trick shot to hit the yellow star scattered all over the field. There are no goals, penalty, or any pesky goal keeper that will impede your way to win over the hearts of the crowd. It is all lies on your own skill, capabilities, and luck in order to get a perfect score for your trick shot that will make all crowds in the stadium drowned with the excitement.

Introducing the Stickman Soccer 2 game, that is the direct sequel to the simplistic Stickman Soccer game. Featuring the improved version of the stickman soccer player whose still continues to hone his skill in performing amazing trick shot to baffle the minds of its spectator with his amazing kicking skills. While the graphics of the character are represented by a simple stickman figure, all the backgrounds and props that is used inside the game has been improved, where it is apparent from the colorful cones and grindy gears that will be there to impede you from creating the best trickshot known to the humankind – or should I say, stickman-kind or some sort.

These yellow stars that is spread all over the area serve as a marker that you should obtain to gather more points to pass into the next level. But be advised, that there will be various obstacles that you should pass through to create a great shot. Over time, you will also found a red ball that you should hit or pop with the spikes, which will ramp up the difficulty even further as you progress through the stages. But as the objectives continues to grow, so is your score points will be. Try to clear up all the objectives in order to improve your score even further to brag your friends and families alike.

For the obstacles, the main obstacle of the game is the gravity itself. Not only the gravity level is too low, almost all of your shot will be bouncing up like crazy. Then there will be platform, wooden planks, and even rotating grinder with a spiky surface that is ready to make your trick shot process to turn up more difficult. Thanks God that the ball trajectory guiding system is present in this game, so you don’t need to worry about gauging the correct angle to shot anymore.

To do your trickshot, you will be supplied with a limited amount of balls. So make sure that each and every shot counts! Guide the direction of the ball with your mouse cursor and hold the left click to gauge the power meter of your kicks. When you are ready, release it and watch how your shot fares for your success. Be sure to use all the obstacles and terrains at your advantages, and be very careful with those spinning spikes that will pop up your ball!