World Cup - Fifa Soccer 2010

World Cup - Fifa Soccer 2010 Game Description

You have spent over 4 years to train your skills and team coordination to prepare for the long awaited World Cup global tournament, and all that is left is the winning rounds of penalty kicks to settle each and every matches against the nefarious teams of highly trained soccer teams from all over the world. This is where the result of your rigorous training is put into the test. This is where all dreams are fleeting and crushed, all for the sake of the attaining the title of number one champion team of the whole world. This is Soccer Fifa 2010.

Soccer Fifa 2010 is a flash game that is made to commemorate the amazing soccer fever in the lands of South Africa. Test your mettle by duelling on the penalty match duel with the opposing team comprised of the countries that are qualified to join World Cup 2010. Each and every team here have trained and worked together in order to achieve the number one team title in the whole world, so you cannot be too lax on fighting against these highly trained and expertly skilled soccer players that the world has ever seen. Get yourself geared up; the time to rock the field is now!

Relieve the glorious day of the heated battle in the green fields of South Africa, complete with team roster of the countries who passed the qualifying match to the 19th World Cup that has ever been established in this yet to mature country. Retain the inner beast within yourself that you should unleash its fury to the opposing team. Decimate all the opponents that stand in your way between you and the sparkling World Cup that resides on the top. Choose any team that you like to control, and be master of their fate where you are even capable to change the history by guiding your favorite team member to the stairs of victory against numerous opponents.

All of the team members of this Cup has trained in both mind and soul to be victorious and carries the golden throphy of World Cup to their motherlands, so you can’t afford to lose in passion against them. Calculate your shooting direction, while also take account on how high you should shoot. Then gauge on the shooting power and unleash your fury to the goal right behind the opposing team’s goalkeeper. Be the winner and grab that shining cup away!