You Score the Goal!

You Score the Goal! Game Description

So you were thinking that soccer games are mindless sport reserved for jocks and sports fan only? Think again! Since in Score the goal, you will be forced to use your wits, brain, and logic to score a goal in this innovative yet interactive and fun game. You will not be in control of human or any mankind alike life forms that is usually present in various soccer flash games, but instead you will be controlling platforms and terrain and let the gravity do the rest to score a goal that is needed to pass the level.

In this game, you will be in control of the terrain to let the ball fall into the goal by the force of gravity and geography. This means that you are required to use all of your limited resources in order to score a goal, so a careful planning and a slight plan modification is needed in order to succeed in creating a goal in this game. Manipulate various objects that is scattered in all around the field, ranged from the wooden boxes, moving platforms, rotating boxes and even launchers to guide the balls to enter the goal while dodging all the obstacles. Be very careful, since several areas might requires a frequent trial and error to be done in order to pass the level in barely good result.

Available in three different cup; Tin Cup, Bronze Cup, and World Cup, Score the goal will test your puzzle solving skills in a simple yet mind pressing puzzles. Each cup has over than 25 stages inside of them, where it will take an hour or two in order to unlock the entire cup that is available in this game. This can be also mean that there will be a couple hours of fun excitement that awaits you in this simple yet entertaining flash soccer game that is presented in this game. You can also guess that along with the rise of the difficulty, you will also be met with several kinds of new obstacles that will impede your way.

Be prepared to sharpen your wits, since various obstacles such as spike balls and switching arrows will definitely pop the ball, denying you to score any goals. Make a full analysis over the surrounding fields and choose the best strategy to put all the balls in the goal field without any single ball gone astray or even popped up by the spikes. Try to take a trial and error method in general so you will be one step closer with the true goal line where each and every soccer ball is capable to get into the goal bar safely. Take your time to rethink about your strategy and execute it swiftly in order to win all the challenges presents in this game. Make sure you finish the puzzle in time, since you will get extra starts for achievement in each level presented. With a swift action, comes a huge bounty as the proof of your mastery on tactical soccer game.